Reville Productions was founded by creative director and producer, Lowell Rottenberg.

Alfred Hitchock has been an icon to Lowell since he was fourteen. This connection to Hitch and his films inspired Lowell to create visually engaging, story driven content, no matter the subject or scale.  For Lowell, it wasn’t about the genre, but the cinematic aesthetic Hitchcock created on film. More importantly, the way he was able to craft stories and tell them on screen.

Alma Reville was Lady Hitchcock, Alfred’s wife.  Alma was not just a wife, but a confidant who constantly reminded Hitch the importance of collaboration.  Lowell has always believed the only way to create amazing content is with a team of talented professionals; a belief he that is instilled in Reville.  We have a team of hundreds of the best and most highly recognized professionals in the world.  Reville looks forward to bringing this talented team of collaborators to our clients.

What started as passion, an old 8mm camera and some friends twenty years ago, has developed into successful relationships with clients such as HBO, Warner Brothers, Sony, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, NBC, Fullscreen Media and many more.  On this journey, Lowell has had the incredible opportunity to create a range of content from film and television, to music videos, corporate branding and many other exciting endeavors – all with the cinematic storytelling that Hitchcock inspired.